Full Metal Bitch

rita vrataski battle scene
Full Metal Bitch

Week ending June 22, 2014

I posted “Women in the Infantry: Full Metal Bitch” while I was still reading All You Need Is Kill, the book that the movie Edge of Tomorrow is based on. It’s a good book and a fun movie, I recommend both.

I’ve enjoyed reading about how the movie has been performing. Despite generally positive reviews, it didn’t do that well at the North American box office. Overseas, however, it’s kicking ass. It gets released in Japan on July 4, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs there (All You Need Is Kill is a Japanese young adult novel).

Anyway, “Full Metal Bitch” is a neat moniker for a famous, nearly flawless female soldier, especially one with the attitude that Rita Vrataski has. While I think Emily Blunt captured it well in the film, FMB is in full effect in the book – books don’t owe the audience happy endings.

Interestingly, I’m reminded of another strong female soldier in a futuristic war, where humans face an alien scourge using mechanized suits of armor: ExoSquad.

SGT Rita Torres

P.S. I haven’t done a ‘top search of the week’s post for a few months. Most of the searches were the usual suspects, so there really wasn’t much to write about. 

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