The Army Cook’s Creed

army cooks civil war
Army Cooks Civil War

Doing some research for a blog post, and yeah, apparently Army cooks had a creed:

The Cook’s Creed

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,
both in persons and kettles be ever industrious, then, in scouring your
Much elbow grease, a few ashes, and a little water are capital aids to the
careful cook.
Dirt and grease betray the poor cook, and destroy the poor soldier; whilst
health, content, and good cheer should ever reward him who does his duty
and keeps his kettles clean.
In military life, punctuality is to be exact in time.
Be sparing with sugar and salt, as a deficiency can be better remedied than
an over-plus.”

U.S. Army Cookbook, 1863

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