Reflection Partners

It’s kind of like that peer at work who ‘gets it’ the same way you do. The one who goes out with you for a long lunch where you figure it all out.

On Veterans and Veterans Day

“…but, of them all, those only received satisfaction who had sought to degrade themselves, for to the peace-eye they were below humanity.”

Infinite Competition

“We’re in perpetual competition. We always have been and we always will be. And it’s infinite.”

On Foreign Fighters

Good episode from the Irregular Warfare Initiative. In this fascinating discussion, our guests discuss what political, social, and economic circumstances create the conditions that enable the mass recruitment and radicalization of foreign fighters. Their research on this topic represents a startling departure from conventional wisdom and, as such, offers opportunities to preempt this destructive process … Continue reading On Foreign Fighters

Colin Powell

“Military service is honorable,” Powell said. “We may disagree with the politics or the policies of it all, but military service is honorable.”

Subversive Chants

There’s something that happens when you get thousands of people together united behind a common cause.

Everyday resistance

It doesn’t have to be protests, armed conflict, or war. It can be the little things. And often, it is.

Market intelligence and trends in the “Future 100”

Another gem from The Cognitive Crucible on market intelligence. Emma spearheaded the launch of the Wunderman Thompson Intelligence “Future 100” Report, which helps people prepare for emerging consumer behavior with 100 original trend predictions from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. The Cognitive Crucible Episode #34 Chiu on Market Intelligence and the Competition for Attention The report is … Continue reading Market intelligence and trends in the “Future 100”


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