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the monster bahamut from final fantasy


Bahamut (ba-ha-mut / بهموت) – A powerful mythological creature that holds up the world, or destroys it.


rangers kneeling on a street in iraq

11 Men 1 Mind

You can’t see an infantry squad – it is an idea that only exists when jointly held by its members.

jack from mass effect charging for a punch


This is an interesting one that is kind of flying under the radar. SOF operators do not currently receive any direct training on neurowarfare (indeed, most are unfamiliar with the concept entirely), and published research is strikingly limited. Of the small number of academic publications on the topic, only a handful directly address neurowarfare. Special … Continue reading Neurowarfare

a mountain reflecting in a lake

Reflection Partners

It’s kind of like that peer at work who ‘gets it’ the same way you do. The one who goes out with you for a long lunch where you figure it all out.


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