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“Joker, I’ve had my ass in the grass. Can’t say I liked it much. Lots of bugs and too dangerous. As it happens, my present duties keep me where I belong – in the rear with the gear.”

I’m a prior-service Army officer and life-long student with research interests in information warfare, political warfare, special operations, psychological operations, military culture, and the Middle East. I’m also a gamer and love writing about it.

I started this blog in the summer of 2011 while in graduate school. The original intent was to use it as a space to collect interesting things surrounding my thesis research. Today, I use it to write and reflect on current projects, interests, and hobbies.

Why is it called ‘Carrying the Gun?’ While researching Iraqi military perspectives during the Iran-Iraq War, I came across this excerpt from a radio address by Saddam Hussein:

“Our modern man is developed and is completely different from the one who existed before. Our modern Iraqi is more enduring, more precise, more energetic, and better prepared to meet responsibility. The base of the revolution’s faithful men has expanded and covers all Iraq. The base of reserve of leaders – both in civilian and military life – has increased. …It is all the Iraqis who have now passed the tests and who have sincerely and certainly proved to be loyal through their sacrifices by carrying the gun in defense of Iraq and in building Iraq in an exemplary manner.”

From Baghdad Domestic Radio Service, 29 January 1983, FBIS: Daily Reports, 31 January 1983

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