CTG Link Drop 11/13/20

Is Iraq’s Military Good Enough for US Troops to Leave?:

Of course, no one wants to give a definitive answer on this.

The Iraqis have also done a better job integrating their conventional ground units with their special operations forces, officials said. Iraq’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service, or CTS, forces were long seen as more professional and capable than their regular military. Officials have differing explanations as to why, but one is that the special operations forces were able to maintain a training relationship with the U.S. embassy even in the years when the U.S. military had pulled out of Iraq. In recent months, the defense official said, the Iraqi military has been able to use counterterrorism forces to keep pressure on a terror network while the Army is maneuvering elsewhere.

Defense One

Be a Schedule Builder, Not a To-Do List Maker

TL;DR: To-do lists are fine, as long as you actually schedule when you’re going to accompish those tasks.

Faced with the constant dissonance between what we’ve promised to do and what we actually accomplish, we begin to see ourselves as the problem. We stop asking whether our time management system is no good and start to believe, “Maybe I am no good.”

Nir and Far

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