CTG Link Drop 10/28/20

Some things I found interesting over the past week.

Overcoming the First Deployment Jitters (via Leadership Counts!) – It’s scary to deploy. Every time, but especially the first time. Having that conversation with yourself is important.

DPRK Political Warfare Strategy (via Small Wars Journal) – Parade as spectcale and political warfare. A short piece analyzing a recent North Korean parade and its messages, by David Maxwell and others. Who, by the way, has been pretty prolific over the past week (see PSYOP During the Counter-Lord Resistance Army Campaign)

My Kick (via John Saddington) – I’ve seen a few posts over the past week about “superpowers.” What’s your superpower? Usually, the response is some banal, mundane thing that turns out to be helpful. John writes about his consistency in producing content (like Seth Godin, he’s writing and posting daily). That, over time, wins.

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