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Week ending August 31, 2014

The top search of the week was american infidel. As I’ve written before, most of the traffic that comes to this site comes through my posts about the use of the word ‘infidel.’ A variation of the search term is usually responsible for bringing people here.

This is the first time that american infidel  topped out the list. A quick Google search shows that the top hits are a clothing line, a motorcycle club, and a Facebook page for the clothing line (with over 350,000 ‘likes’). You can click through all that if you want. You’ll find exactly what you’d expect, if you’ve been following this trend the way I have.

What’s becoming more interesting about the infidel  phenomena is how it is spreading outside of the military realm. Most of my posts on the subject have been geared towards the military and veteran community. Looking through some of those sites, it’s clear that regular joe-schmo Americans are starting to identify themselves as infidels, which is both absurd and troubling.

On the topic, On Violence had a post last week on the topic that gives a nice shout out to Carrying the Gun. It’s worth checking out, as their analysis is always good and usually more biting than mine.


6 thoughts on “American Infidel

  1. utahrob

    Living in Utah, I became comfortable with Gentile; however, I’ve recently adopted Philistine. As I’m ex military, I also will answer to “Home Grown Terrorist” under enhanced interrogation.


  2. victoriadecapua

    I think one of my biggest problems here is the use of the negative value. It’s both crass and reactionary to attempt to co-opt the language of exclusion as some kind of proud, ironic moniker. This is very different, I think, from black people reclaiming the n word, or otherwise taking control of epithets used against them, primarily because the word “infidel” is not a terrorist buzzword- it’s what major religions have been calling their opponents for thousands of years. Christendom referred to Islam and Judaism both as “the infidel”, and likewise. Having since repatriated to Canada after 18 years of living in the States, I find I get frustrated by Canadians identifying “anti-Americanism” as a Canadian value. I think it’s the same thing- you’re identifying yourself as excluded from a certain group, as though not being a member of that group is somehow an elevating act. It’s like listening to someone demanding credit for not being a rapist, or a member of the KKK.


    1. Don Post author

      That’s a really good way to put it – “identifying yourself as excluded from a certain group.” It’s smart, but I have to remind myself, that the base reason people choose to identify like this, I think, is because they like the way it sounds.


      1. victoriadecapua

        Exactly. They aren’t fundamentally opposed to radical Islam, or they’d be looking closer at moderate Islam. Instead they’re just adopting the trappings of opposition without actually understanding what those trappings are.


        1. Frank F Rizzo

          I find your thinking odd.Having said that I will also say I AM fundamentally opposed to radical Islam,I AM also fundamentally opposed to to moderate islam( so called”moderates” REFUSE to SPEAK UP TO CONDEMN the violence of the radical)whats that OLD phrase “silence is CONSENT” OR “If you are NEUTRAL IN SITUATIONS OF injustice,you HAVE chosen the side of the oppressor”OR HOW ABOUT ” IN THE END WE WILL REMEMBER not THE WORDS of our enemies but the SILENCE of our friends” or ” nothing strengthens authority so much as SILENCE”. Silence IS IN and of itself A STATEMENT!!There IS NO DIFFERENCE in moderate or radical islam. Moderate islam SUPPORTS radial islam BY and THROUGH ITS SILENCE!!I oppose fascism whatever its face may be. nazis, communists,neo- CONS , or islamo fascism.


  3. American Infidel

    Don’t be so concerned about the use of the word infidel. It’s meaning is changing. Just like the word, watergate, gay, rainbow, etc….. It’s seems, and I agree, it makes a rather attractive statement for the way Americans veiw POS muslims.



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