Moby-Dick Oil Painting

Week ending February 16, 2014

I didn’t bother doing a top search of the week last weekend. There was nothing that stuck out that was really worth posting about. It was mostly the usual suspects.

This week, the top search of the week was moby-dick oil painting. I wrote about the Painting at the Spouter Inn shortly after finishing Moby Dick. The book is a chore, but rewarding to someone willing to plow through it. It boggles me that many of my friends were assigned Moby Dick in middle school – I certainly would not have had the discipline to enjoy it then.

The painting in the Spouter Inn still sticks out to me as the best part of the book. Whoever was searching, I’m not sure if they were looking for more information on that painting or if they were looking for just some random oil painting of Moby Dick.

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