Vietnam Draftees

PL and RTO

Week ending February 2, 2014

The top search of the week was ‘vietnam draftees.’ I actually have no idea which post this search term led to, as I’ve never really written about Vietnam draftees. I’ve written quite a few posts referencing Vietnam though – a war I become more and more interested in as time passes. Growing up, I knew quite a few Vietnam veterans who were friends with my dad. They were young and building their lives. Even then, as a child, I knew them as “my dad’s friend, the Vietnam veteran.” That’s how he was identified. That’s how I – as a child – identified those grown men.

Here are the posts I’ve written that I’ve tagged ‘vietnam’:

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Don Draper on war, youth, and military service

Not my Vietnam (~July, 2003)

The Command Sergeant Major’s Nightmare

There It Is Vietnam

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