How to Adjust MOLLE Ruck

Week ending January 19, 2014

The top search of the week was ‘how to adjust molle ruck.’ I have a few posts that deal with rucksacks, and one specific post on how you’re supposed to wear the MOLLE ruck.

One of the things I like to write about is how some of the most common and prolific things in the military are glossed over as common knowledge, even though nobody knows the actual right answer. We all wear boots, we all have rucks, we all clean weapons. But the tasks involved with those things, proper wear in the case of boots and rucks and cleanliness in the case of weapons, is more myth than standard. Talk to anyone about how to wear boots or a ruck and they’ll tell you stories about things they learned from this one guy who was in ‘Group’ or some nonsense.

The TM for the MOLLE rucks is lacking, for sure, but it does give the basics on how to wear and adjust the MOLLE ruck. I think my post on it with the addition of the REI instructions are pretty good. In terms of packing, high and tight to the body with the heaviest stuff sitting close to your shoulders in the middle of the back. All good theory, often hard to make happen when you’re quickly pulling things out and putting things back into your ruck.

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