I Love Me

Week ending January 12, 2014

The top search for the week was ‘i love me.’ One would be very unlikely to search for that term and arrive at my blog, unless the said person was looking for my post on the “I Love Me Book.”

In a way, this is kind of related to a post I did a few weeks ago about oversimplification in the military. I was talking about how we often take concepts and boil them down so that they are easy to explain, but then never attempt to understand them any deeper. The “I Love Me Book” is a records file. A book of important paperwork. It’s called an “I Love Me Book” in a way that attacks the vanity of the person who maintains it, as in, it is vain to keep such good records of your personal achievements in an organization that prides itself on teamwork.

It’s all nonsense, but interesting to think about.

Back to the “I Love Me Book.” In the post, I talk about having a hard copy book and a digital form. For anyone who is curious, I use Evernote and a ScanSnap PDF scanner (link is to a newer model) to build my digital “I Love Me Book.” I’m a big fan of Evernote and use it for a bunch of things. The ScanSnap PDF scanners allows me to rapidly scan documents directly into Evernote where it is stored. The system works great. I also used the ScanSnap to scan in all of the letters home I use for the Iraq: Ten Years Later project.

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