Infidel Patch

infidel patch

Week ending January 5, 2014

The top search of the week was actually ‘carryingthegun‘ which makes me happy. But as there really isn’t anything to write about that, I’m bumping down to the second most frequent search. Incidentally, the next 4 out of 5 searches were ‘infidel’ related.

When I search for ‘infidel patch’ my blog post ‘Enough with the ‘infidel’ stuff.’ Seriously, stop.’ is the number two hit. I can only imagine that most people searching for infidel gear are people who support the wear of it. I further imagine my post(s) on the subject are likely very agitating.

I followed up the first post a year later with ‘Infidel Redux‘ where I took a deeper look at where ‘infidel’ gear might sit in terms of keeping good order and discipline.

What bothers me right now as I finish this post is the market that has been created by this. The picture that leads the post is a screenshot of the image search for ‘infidel patch.’ Companies have cashed in on this thing. I wrote about the former Marine who now makes ‘infidel’ knives that are forged in pig’s blood. I’ve seen ‘infidel’ shirts sold at the PX. It’s all pretty disgusting.

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