Thomas Edward Lawrence Control Other’s Affairs


Week Ending December 22, 2013

“Thomas Edward Lawrence Control Other’s Affairs,” that was the top search of the week. I’m fairly certain that this search term brought them to my post where I quoted T.E. Lawrence from Seven Pillars of Wisdom regarding getting caught up in other people’s business. He writes:

“All these peoples of Syria were open to us by the master-key of their common Arabic language. Their distinctions were political and religious: morally they differed only in the steady gradation from neurotic sensibility on the sea coast to reserve inland. They were quick-minded; admirers, but not seekers of truth; self-satisfied; not (like the Egyptians) helpless before abstract ideas, but unpractical; and so lazy in mind as to be habitually superficial. Their ideal was ease in which to busy themselves with others’ affairs.”

The post was about my on-again-off-again battle with using social media. It can, at times, be strangling. Given Peter O’Toole’s recent death (he famously played Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia) it is no surprise that people when out Googling things in that orbit. That quote is one of my favorite, and one not normally channeled.

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