How can I get my CIB if I lost my paperwork and my iPerms doesn’t have it?


Week ending November 17, 2013

“how can i get my cib if i lost my paperwork and my iperms doesn’t have it”

That was the top search term of the week. I sincerely hope that this is not a major problem in the infantry right now and that this was simply one guy who just kept coming to this site from that search term. That is what I suspect the case is.

I’ve never written about this topic or iPerms, so I suspect he got to the blog via one of my posts during EIB Week where I discuss the EIB versus the CIB. I have written in the past about the importance of keeping an “I Love Me Book” which is related to the subject.

To address the user’s query, I would recommend contacting your buddies from the unit where you got your CIB. Chances are your CIB orders are multiple pages long containing many names – a buddy with a last name that begins with yours should have the paperwork that you need.

Otherwise, I hope you took pictures of the firefight and you can tell a good story. And if not, there’s always next time.

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