Ma’salaama, Abu Muqawama!

The New and Improved Abu Muqawama

I read today that Abu Muqawama is shutting down.

Without question, there is no military blogger out there that influenced my own decision to blog than Andrew Exum. He is a Middle East scholar and ex-infantryman and a clear trailblazer for those leaving the service who were/are interested in studying the Middle East. He paved a way to do it and it was easy to follow.

I am fortunate to have met Andrew on a couple of occasions and just missed him once in London when he was passing through. It would have been out of control.

My favorite Abu Muqawama post was this one, which was a simple picture criticizing the botched Israeli boarding of the Mavi Marama back in 2010. Ex was at his best when he was able to mix his military experience with his Middle East expertise and get it out there in a way that was accessible and fun for everyone else to digest.

He hinted in his post that he’s heading to the “private sector” – so I hope he’ll consider changing his now-famous “Lego terrorist” avatar to something like the one posted above.

Ma’salaama, Abu Muqawama! And good luck!

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