Uniforms: Ankle rolls and Army boots

Ankle sprain
This is what happened. Over and over and over again.

I’m going to keep this short. This is related to my post last year about what size boots I’m supposed to wear.

If you are prone to ankle rolls, it might be because you underpronate like I do. Underpronation is when your foot strikes the ground on the outside edge of your foot first. It is typical in people with high arches.

Because of this, minimalist shoes are a no-go for me. I’ve tried retraining myself to not underpronate to no effect. Instead, I wear running shoes and inserts that provide cushion and stability. This prevents me from getting injuries when I run.

Underpronation also affects the way that I walk. I’ve always been “prone” to rolling my ankle in the Army, and as a result, I’ve suffered some pretty devastating ankle injuries in the past. I used to think I just had “weak ankles.” A lot of these injuries are because of the high heel in standard Army boots. When I walk, the outside of my foot strikes first. When I’m carrying a heavy rucksack, the entire weight of my body and gear can come down on just a tiny portion of the outside of my foot, and if the angle is right, cause my ankle to roll further, potentially causing injury.

To correct this, I have switched the boots I wear in the field to something with a lower profile and shorter heel, like the Nike Special Field Boots.

Wish someone would have told me this a long time ago.

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