5 thoughts on “Grunt Wisdom

  1. Perry Jefferies (@perryjefferies)

    As always, so well said. I know that you are on (shaky?) ground when commenting on DoD and a potential boss, but I’d like to have seen your article come back around to how Hagel might be or how he has seemed to have a knack for ignoring the niceties of the day to say the ground truth, retaining some bit of the NCO in him. Will his experiences as a Grunt make him more determined in an argument or political knife fight with the top-heavy management of the Pentagon? (I think so) Will they accord him any more respect and try less to go around the boss like they did with Gates or Panetta? (I think not) Will there be a confrontation ala Gates vs. Mosely / Wynn and who will win that?


    1. Don Post author

      Thanks, 1SG!

      Yes, it’s shaky ground, which is why I chose instead to focus on some of the differences between officer ad enlisted leadership styles, rather than commenting on how Senator Hagel might be as Pentagon chief. That’s an article for someone else.

      I do wonder how much of that grunt wisdom is retained after getting out. I was only out for five years, but I already felt myself ‘getting soft.’ Can’t imagine what 30+ years means.


  2. Mustang.Koji

    Excellent piece, sir. While I have not served nor am politically astute, your description of the front and the relationships in the chain of command echoes what several of my combat veterans and friends have described – when they felt like it. Even from WWII.

    And I know nothing about this new potential leader of our Pentagon… I can only hope he is not an Obama man and thinks about the grunts – and the enormity of potentially enemy forces.



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