Fieldcraft: Building a plexiglass map case

In preparation for another land navigation course, I pulled out my old plexiglass map case from my days in the 82nd. I like this style of map case because it provides my a hard surface to plot points, it protects the map, and it’s easy to carry.

It is easy to build. Here’s how.

What you need:

• Two pieces of equally cut plexiglass – mine was 10″ x 8″ (you can get this at Home Depot or Loews)
• 100mph tape or duct tape
• A couple of binder clips

How to build it:

1. Once you have the plexiglass, use the tape to tape the edges. This is to protect the edges from getting damaged and to protect you from getting cut.

2. Then, tape one of the long sides of the plexiglass to the other, forming a swinging opening. Use as much tape as needed.

3. Attach a binder clip to the bottom to keep the case closed. I like to have a second binder clip on the case to hold on to protractors or anything else.

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