Resisting the urge…


A couple of months ago I wrote about the challenge of resisting the urge to buy unnecessary tactical gear. I’m of the belief that everything a soldier needs to do his/her job can be done with issued gear. There are some times when it is worth spending a little money on gear, but for the most part, good soldiering comes from the intangibles: physical fitness, tactical proficiency, intelligence, etc. Cool gear is a very small piece of this.

Today I won in resisting the urge. I went out looking for new gloves (we have to wear gloves out in the field at IBOLC). Anything worth buying cost anywhere between $20 -$40. Whatever I wear will most likely get destroyed over the next couple of months, and it is hard for me to shell out money for something I don’t really “need.” Light weight, cool gloves would be nice, but I’ve got plenty of gloves left over from my time in the 82nd.

So, I sewed up the holes in my NOMEX gloves, purchased sometime in 2001 and brought them back to life. These gloves have two deployments under them and work just fine.

In the fight to resist the urge, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Chalk one up for the good guys.

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