That awkward moment when your recruiter reads about you in Stars and Stripes

Last month I attended a workshop called “Veteran-Civilian Dialogue.” It’s a program run by the non-profit Intersections. The purpose is to bring veterans and civilians together to talk about war and military service.

A reporter was there and jotted down something I said to the group which made it to the October 3 issue of Stars and Stripes:

Don Gomez, 29, served two tours in Iraq as an enlisted soldier, came home to go to college and is heading back to the military. He’ll start at Army officer candidate school this month. He said he was there because he sought a place where people could remove politics from their discussion of war, however briefly.

“You can yell at each other later,” he said. “We’re all human, and it’s important to connect as humans.”

My recruiter said he read my name in the paper today when I showed up to begin processing for OCS. Weird.

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Back to Benning

I’ve purposely neglected writing for the past month. The last days of August saw a mad scramble to finish and submit my dissertation and pack everything up in London to head back to the US. Knowing I was headed back to Benning in early October, I spent the majority of my time on the important things: family and friends. I’ve had a whirlwind month, but feel exhausted and refreshed!

There are lots of things I’ve taken note of over the past couple of months that I would like to write about, but they will have to wait. I’m on my way to Fort Benning to start OCS. I’m excited to get back to the Army, and especially excited to see what has changed since I got out in 2006.

I’ll be taking notes.

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