R&R in Good ‘Ol Qatar, now with more Vice

My story on my 4 day pass to Qatar in 2003 was published in Vice this week, a much more suitable home than this blog. It is also is getting a little bit of love on the Military subreddit, which is cool.

Check it out: Going on R&R in Good Ol’ Qatar (Vice)

I particularly liked the way Vice decided to tag the post:

Going on R&R in Good Ol_ Qatar | VICE | United States


What is the Infantry(?) Redux

Rita VrataskiLast year I wrote the “What is the Infantry” essays when the topic of women in the infantry was burning hot. Those essays have been scrubbed clean and are getting a new life over at the very shiny Task and Purpose.

While I still love them in their original, stream-of-consciousness form, they do look pretty good over there.

Part I, Black Magic and Voodoo is out today. The others will be posted through the week. Check it out.



“Inside kids” are the new “outside kids” – video games and war

I wrote a short piece on the new Task & Purpose blog about the military and gaming. The force behind the blog is Hirepurpose, a company “committed to addressing some of the incredible gaps that exist in the transition from military service to civilian career success.” The blog is new, but has promise.

Check it out.