iraq ten years ago

“Today is Thanksgiving. Wish I could be there.” (November 28, 2003)

Thanksgiving at FOB Falcon

Thanksgiving meal at FOB Falcon. I loaded my plate with as much food as I could. It was a nice meal.

From an email dated November 27, 2003:

Hello.  I haven’t gotten any e-mail from you guys lately.  I wonder if you forgot how to do it.  Not much has been going on really.  We came out of that field problem in the desert a few days ago.  It’s funny, we were out in the desert and it was like we were back at Bragg training in the woods.   Everyone couldn’t wait to get back out, except when you get out at Bragg you go home and then there’s usually a weekend right there.  Here we came back and started doing missions and war stuff.  It’s just kind of funny.  I’m sure you’ve heard all the new crap that’s been going on in Iraq.  The place is getting worse and worse.  The one good thing is we’re starting to get more aggressive on them now.  Dropping bombs and kicking in doors and such.

Today is Thanksgiving.  Wish I could be there.  I wonder what all of you are doing for Thanksgiving.  I haven’t gotten your thanksgiving packages yet.  But I did get the ones with the power bars and slim jims.  Those were the shit!  I had just run out of food too.  It seems your packages always get here right in time.  The chow hall is going to have a big thanksgiving dinner.  I’m sure it will be all right.  No alcohol though, of course.

Not much else really going on.  I can’t wait to get home though.  Take care and write back.


3 thoughts on ““Today is Thanksgiving. Wish I could be there.” (November 28, 2003)

  1. Omg! You were sooo cute! Did you really eat ALL of that??? Holy crap dude! Hey! That guy coming in the door? He don’t look old enough to be in the service? (Never mind me..I’m a worry-wart Mom…all of you looks a little too young, ten yrs ago, even today…) Thanks again for your service. That means the world to us here at home. We are so proud of all of you.It sucks that some have to stay and have Thanksgiving overseas. I pray everyday that all of you stays safe and can come home for good, soon.


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